From the valley we took a cable car to Gimmerwald to start the day. Dave had to be back at work, so it would be Michael and I for the next few days. 
It was a pretty foggy day. All I could really see was Michael, and only if he was nearby :). I think we were supposed to have great views of Jungfrau... oh well, we'll have to do it again!
We had a drizzle most of the day .... lunch was quick, a bit chilly and I cut way too much salami! As the inclined got harder so did the rain. Since we couldn't really judge what was ahead of us, we just kept a strong pace up, until ... wait a minute ... we are at the pass ... but we were planning on setting  camp just before the pass by a lake that is no where to be seen. Now what? Are we really going back? The other side of the pass looked a little bit unknown and there are some threatening thunders... Then out of nowhere, we got three minutes of clear sky and a view of the valley below. No need to go back, the other side looked better!
We rushed down the hill, found a spot and the rain came back. There were some nice big sheltering rocks, Michael made sweet spice rooibos. We set camp, got a bit too cold, jumped into our sleeping bags and had one of those instant dry meals for dinner. It poured all night long


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