Soon into the descent we encountered the Oeschinensee lake. A truly beautiful lake a little below the tree line and surrounded by great mountain faces. There is a cable car station at the lake and a restaurant so you may encountered tourists. I mentioned to Michael that I don't really believe I've visited a lake unless I've swam in it .... but I'm also a a tropical flower who quickly gets discouraged by glacial water. Well too late, Michael was truly determined to jump in!
The descent to Kandergsten was long, not great for my knees, but quite spectacular. The trail down I believe was man made on a vertical rocky face, and off course up to Swiss standards, i.e. rail, steps and benches.
The town wasn't particularly interesting to me. It seemed like a prefabricated vacation town without to much character, so we didn't stay to long.
The hike up to the Dubensee lake was longer than expected with some rain and emergency on-road scotch sips too keep our spirits up!

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