We had a quick start. The wether wasn't great and we were a little cold; all great reasons to get moving. The fog continued most of of the day, with few breaks that made us wondered where what was surrounding us.
Around Bundalp we found a farmer's house advertising Alpakase... but no one was around. We had lunch a little after, the sun peaked for a bit, which is always nice during lunch break. Then, up, up we go. In a way, the fog made us keep a great pace, giving us no time to realize how much we had left. The path got steep, narrow, lots of loose rock. Then about a million steps, but though swiss trails always have some wire to hold on to and off course some benches to enjoy the look out. The sky was clearing up, promising a great view at the top. 
Hohturli pass was beautiful, surrounded with glacier. There is a very cut hut at the top, that promised ICE CREAM!!! Michael and I raised to the top... officially he won but he cheated, I was definitely faster ;).
We then descended a little, looked for a place to set camp and enjoyed a dry, sunny afternoon!

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