We spent a couple of days in Rome. Suffice to say that two days are certainly not enough in a city with so much history, but they are plenty for the legs. I've never seen so many great art, architecture and history at once.  The lines are long, sites are crowded, but this ancient city has a place for all. Our days started and ended standing on Rome's dirty and unique metro. We visited as many of the sites as we could - and again, I really wished I had my SRL camera.... :(

The Colosseumm and the Forum

The Pantheon

There are many things that are really special about the Pantheon. Here you are not visiting ruins, or a site that belongs for history books. This is a place that is as much part of Rome today as it perhaps was 2000 years ago. Magnificent yet there is something ordinary about it. A site that stands on its own and not because of our efforts as a society to preserve it. An spiritual experience, where history is a feeling as opposed to a story written in a book.
The Vatican:

I certainly have no words to describe the amount of great art at the Vatican. The sculpture collections are so vast, the murals so rich and large, and St. Peters so enormous and golden, that it is really hard to believe that this is all in the same place. In many ways it was personally overwhelming to me. The feeling that all this art, history and beauty belongs to a single religion is unreal and impressive.  It is well more over the top, than "over the top" can embrace. The place is magnificent as it is every piece of art inside.


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