After Florence we headed to Venice. The weather turned grey and wet, which probably made Venice feel much wetter than it really is. The grey clouds didn't stop Wendy and Rich for getting us on a Gondola to celebrate my 30's. Thanks! I was serenaded by the gondolier and I even got to ride the gondola :).
In general I didn't love Venice. It is wet, musty, falling a part and to me it seemed like a place that doesn't belong to anyone. The main streets are incredibly crowded and although there are plenty of peaceful side streets they always end up in a canal  without a bridge :). The cathedral is amazing and it's sinking! We went during high tide and the water was up to the ankles, kind of funny. I did love going out to the water, I think it makes for a much more pleasant way to appreciate the city
Here is a short clip from me as a captain of the gondola. The clip is overexposed thanks to Rich :)

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